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Groupon Registration and Pricing FAQ

Q. How does it all work?  We invest a significant amount of time in preparation for your session, and you will too.  We start with a consultation, then next comes your portrait session, and finally, you will come back for a portrait viewing once your images are ready.

  • Consultation:  This is where we will show you our studio, show you our products, and together plan out your photo session.  Expect 30-45 minutes of discussion for the person in charge of making the photo session work together with the photographer.  You will be planning background colors,  clothing choices, and reviewing our selection of clothing options for children.
  • Photo Session: Expect 45 -60 minutes for your photo session.   Sit back and relax and allow Cara to direct this session, bringing out the best in your children.   We make this a fun time for children.
  • Viewing:  Here is where you will get to see it all come together.  With the images you have provided us of your home, we will be placing the images from your photo session on the walls of your house so you can see what everything will look like once it is complete.

Q.  What products do you offer? We offer the Classic prints in both mounted and unmounted, and ready for framing.  More popular are our Standouts, Floats, and Wraps.  These are part of our Frameless Line.  It is common for our clients to come in and see a _wall collection_ of our frameless products and fall completely in love.  See wall collections samples on our website

Q.  What is the pricing for your products? Our products all carry our unconditional guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we will fix it until you are. Last year our Groupon clients often spent between $700 – $1500 on top of their Groupon when we were able to create something that was over and above their expectations.  A wall collection of frameless images was one of the favourite purchases.

Q.  What about digital images? Can I purchase digital images? We retouch and prepare our digital images the same way that we would if we were putting them on our own canvas.  The only difference is that we deliver them to you with a release document giving you the rights to reprint them without restriction.  We provide digital images in several sizes and with 3 kinds of finishes.  Gift Print Size (good for printing 5×7 and smaller), Lightly retouched images (good for 11×14 and smaller), and fully retouched, High Resolution, (good for 30×40).  Our digital images are a great option for people who end up wanting a large number of poses.  While a single digital image is more expensive than the corresponding sized print, there are quantity discounts that apply making them affordable in larger quantities.

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