Groupon FAQ

Q. How does it all work?  We invest a significant amount of time in preparation for your session, and you will too.  We start with a consultation, then next comes your portrait session, and finally, you will come back for a portrait viewing once your images are ready.

  • Consultation:  This is where we will show you our studio, show you our products, and together plan out your photo session.  Expect 30-45 minutes of discussion for the person in charge of making the photo session work together with the photographer.  You will be planning background colors,  clothing choices, and reviewing our selection of clothing options for children.
  • Photo Session: Expect 45 -60 minutes for your photo session.   Sit back and relax and allow Cara to direct this session, bringing out the best in your children.   We make this a fun time for children.
  • Viewing:  Here is where you will get to see it all come together.  With the images you have provided us of your home, we will be placing the images from your photo session on the walls of your house so you can see what everything will look like once it is complete.

Q.  What is your pricing for additional prints? As a Fine Art studio, we take pride in our retouching and artistic finishes. All finishes are included in our pricing. If you are looking for lots of cheap pictures, you won’t be happy with us.  On the other hand if you are looking for the best children and family pictures you can find, you will be delighted.  Click here for more detailed pricing.

Q.  Can I do my session in my back yard? We are happy to do your session somewhere other than what is offered with your Groupon.  We would charge an additional $50 for a location anywhere within the Edmonton metro area.

Q.  Are all of your theme sets available year round? No.  While some scenes are offered year-round, others are offered at only specific times of the year.   Since we offer such a variety, we would appreciate you letting us know which scene interests you for your session ASAP so that we can reserve your session at the time we are offering that scene.

Q.  How do I select the portraits I want? When you call in to reserve your photo session, we will also book a viewing session time.  We encourage you to leave your child/children with a sitter for this appointment and request that everyone that would be involved in making the purchasing decision, be present for the viewing.  We will assist you in making your selections.

Q.  Can I do more than one background/scene per session? We stick to one background per session, but do several poses and changes of  props in one session that will give you a great selection of images to choose from.

Q.  How much advance notice do I need to give you to book a session? We need you to reserve your session as soon as you know what type of session you desire.  We have only a limited number of sessions available each month and they will be booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. We typically book 2 weeks in advance, but this can be longer especially September – November.

Q.  What if I don’t want/need an 11×14 but want something different? You can exchange the value of your 8×10 or 11×14 towards any one larger portrait.   Clients come to us as they are wanting unique and timeless photographic art for their walls.  We provide many styles of attractive wall collections – gallery wraps, float wraps, or framed portraits either on canvas or with a classic finish.  To complement any wall art, we offer gift portraits, coffee table books, collages of many styles, greeting cards, keepsake boxes, purses and much more.

Q. Do I get a CD/DVD of all the images? As a Fine Art studio we take pride in each and every image created in our studio. Your Groupon includes one digital image in gift print size (suitable for printing in sizes 5×7 and smaller).  Others are available for purchase.  Each image is retouched and finished with our signature Fine Art finish.

Q.  How should I dress my Children/my Family? This really depends on the type of session you choose.  When you schedule your session, we let you know the types and colors of clothing that will work best and anything else you may need to bring.  For many of our exclusive theme sets we provide clothing from our designer’s wardrobe to compliment the set and enhance the experience.

Q.  What happens if I can’t make my photo session? If you don’t show up for your session, you will forfeit your Groupon.  If you call ahead at least 24 hours, we will reschedule you as best we can.


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Still have questions? Contact us at:

(780) 665 1555 or (780) 299 3365 or (800) 936 1496

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