Edmonton Family Photographer – Our Friends, Our Family

Edmonton Family Photographer

Jade called up saying “We want pictures with our friends – our friends are our family!”  How Will You Remember?  Take time to stop time – just for a moment – mark the stage of your family now.  These were a jolly, fun group of eight college kids that were best of friends and wanted images to remember their relationships at this stage of life.  Snow or no snow, they were game for it.  An hour of goofing around – jumping, throwing snow, running… a great way for everyone to relax and enjoy the day.

What Could Be More Giving than the Giving of Family Portraiture?

Edmonton Family Photographer

We used our favorite lakeside location – across the street from our Sherwood Park home portrait studio.

That’s one time that the natural smiles just come – when they are doing things that they naturally enjoy doing – just as these crazy guys decided to hang from trees & a few other things – don’t worry guys, I won’t tell everything on you!  Edmonton Family Photographer, Show & Tell Photos, loves creating images that tell the story of you and your family!  This is just a taste of the many combinations we create here at Show & Tell Photos.  Each session is unique and personal to you.  That’s why we have you come for a complimentary consultation to see the studio and choose a ‘look’ that fits you

Gift Certificates are an awesome way to give a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Edmonton Family Photographer –  Family, Friends & Children’s Sessions created by Show & Tell Photos.   Winter sessions capture those moments that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.    Cara at Show & Tell Photos has very limited session dates/times for these outdoor sessions.  We are known for our creative wall art that is sure to win the hearts of your family for Christmas gifts this year.



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Jade McLachlin - November 23, 2013 - 9:45 pm

Thank you Cara! We all love the photos and you are such a great photographer t capture all of our goofy photos <3

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