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Edmonton Family Photographer

The Saxty Family are anxiously waiting the arrival of their fourth child. They wanted a classic and yet simplistic family portrait that would portray this moment in time.
Edmonton Family PhotographerEdmonton Child Photographer
Siblings – Isabella, Lilly & Cory were giggly and bouncy with big smiles – not because they were asked to smile but just naturally happy kids. Believe it or not, they didn’t even quarrel with each other!

It seems a bit more of a reality with Isabella than the other two, that they soon will have an addition to the family.  Every new arrival is exciting and an adjustment at the same time.

Here’ an expectant mother’s poem I enjoy reading:

Tiny Baby



Tiny movements like tiny kicks
Tiny baby, a mother’s bliss
Can’t wait to give the tiny you
Huge hugs and lots of kisses tooWhat tiny dreams you might have now?
I would understand someday, somehow
I dreamed last night, your tiny face
An angel indeed, made from God’s sweet embraceHow else would mommy know?
How much her tiny little angel has grown?
How else would mommy guess?
If her little angel have some requests?

I know that somehow you could now hear
Oh, what a thrill you will bring us here!
Now hush my baby, it’s time to rest
Inside my womb, your own calm nest

May God help me to keep you safe
And always keep you strong, I pray
I love you right before I planned you
And I love you more now that I have you

love your soon to be mommy xoxo

Source: Tiny Baby, Pregnancy Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/tiny-baby#ixzz2i1rjr8tD

Edmonton Family Photographer – let’s not forget to take the time to record these special moments in life!

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