Edmonton Family Photographer – As Summer Ends…Fall into Fall

Edmonton Family PhotographerEdmonton Family PhotographerEdmonton Family PhotographerEdmonton Family PhotographerThe Martiniuks’ family came down all the way from the Northwest Territories and saw our display at Edmonton K-Days earlier this summer. They booked a session immediately – something they hadn’t done since their little 4 year old girl was a baby.
They had had their dog longer than their daughter – he was a ‘must’ in the portrait session. This lovely outdoor lake location is just across the street from our Sherwood Park studio location. It was decided to use our vintage couch outdoors – as it added uniqueness to the setting. They chose the clothing they did as it complimented their home decor.
Edmonton Family Photographer – As Summer Ends…Fall into Fall
It was a memory for me, Cara, the photographer to see the closeness of this family, and how little Miss Sweetheart treated her pet dog like a sibling.
Once again, it was hard for the Martiniuks’ to make a purchasing decision. That’s why, here at Show & Tell Photos, we allow a 2 hour portrait viewing session.
Now it is nearly the end of September and I am doing many interesting outdoor sessions. Each portrait session is unique and different. The joy of family photography is working with every age group and family combination.

Edmonton Family Photographer
Cara Radbourne of Sherwood Park, AB

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