Sherwood Park Children Photographer – Count Your Blessings Two By Two!

Sherwood Park Children Photographer – Count Your Blessings Two By Two

Once in a while here at Show & Tell Photos, we get the wonderful opportunity to photograph twins, and sometimes even triplets!  It’s a blessing to get to witness the bond these siblings share like no others! I’d like to imagine the fun tricks we would play on our parents and at school if I had an identical twin! These twins in particular were near identical, so we had them wear their hats differently. They had lots of fun playing with some of our props, including some vintage air planes and a tricycle.

IMG_2216IMG_2206-AgedSherwood Park Children Photographer

Show And Tell Photos, located in Sherwood Park, AB, specializes in maternity, newborn, child, and family photography. Photographer Cara Radbourne dreamed up Show & Tell Photos because she wanted to offer something different that stood out from all the rest. Renowned for owning a large assortment of props, backdrops, and children’s costumes in a diversity of colors and styles, Show & Tell Photos can create almost anything your mind can imagine! Cara has a natural talent for working with babies and children, and is able to bring even the most difficult of children into her confidence.

Show And Tell Photos offers free consultations so you know exactly what to expect when you come back for your session. With your free consultation you will get a detailed tour of the studio where you will get to see the props, backdrops, and Cara’s Closet which contains a rainbow of tutus, dresses, headbands, overalls, bowties, jackets, hats…etc. You’ll also get to see all the products that they have to offer, from wall groupings that you can customize to suit your home, to beautiful coffee table albums, and lastly you’ll get the opportunity to ask questions regarding your sessio

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Sherwood Park Children Photographer

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