Sherwood Park Children Photographer – sibling fun!

Sherwood Park Children Photographers

Here at Show And Tell Photos, we love to show your children at their best!  Fine clothing from our designer wardrobe is one of the characteristics that makes a picture a fine portrait.  Our little clients love to ‘dress up’ – especially little girls.  What kid doesn’t like to jump on the couch – especially when you tell them they can’t do it at home, but it’s OK to here.  Miss Cara tells you too many naughty things to do and then still rewards you with a treat!

Sherwood Park Children PhotographersSherwood Park Children Photographers

It’s our job to dress up your child(ren) and make sure they are having a good time!  We want it to be a memorable experience for them, as well as for Mom & Dad, Grandpa & Grandma!  Don’t they look like they’re having fun?  What Will You Remember?  When your ‘lil ones are grown up and independent, these darling vintage-lookin’ and innocent appearing images will grow to be more and more precious.  It’s hard to stop and take the time to create these memories when life is so busy – remember, the days may be long, but the years are short!

Each session is customized with as little or as many of our carefully chosen clothing and props.  Props are chosen to suit each child’s age and personality.

Join us on face book and see even more of what we do weekly.  Our schedule is full of children, baby and family sessions!

Sherwood Park Children Photographer

Customer Review:  Loved the casual atmosphere.  The photos were amazing and amazing people – best photography experience ever!!  We will definitely pass your name along and will be back in the future for more.

Treat yourself to nothing but the best!  Call and reserve your session now!  780.665.1555 or 780.299.3365 and ask for Cara.




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